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“XIXth century. In the hands of the lady, on a lunaria branch, a bird and its cage are exchanging goodbyes.”

Print of “Thaumatrope végétal” (“Green Thaumatrope”), a watercolour illustration by messalyn painted in 2014. Important note : this is a reproduction print, not the original!*

The illustration is reproduced on a 30 x 40 cm paper (12 × 16 inches), at a scale that is very close to the original. It features 1 cm (⅜ inch) margins to allow for the artist signature and numerotation and ease the framing process. The paper — Fuego Matt natural white in 285g — has a little texture to it, it was chosen for its likeness with creation papers used for painting, as some of my prints are actually made to be painted over.

*Original available

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 30 × 40 cm


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