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“A fashionable herbarium centered around the japanese fashion know as Lolita. An existing dress by brand Angelic Pretty is paired with early XIXth century garments such as a spencer jacket and a bonnet, and the book Persuasion by Jane Austen finds its way in a typically english satchel. Mint, lavander and sweets, courtesy of the South of France, further brighten the composition in a last longing for summer.”

Print of “Herbier Provencal” (“Provencal Herbarium”), a watercolour illustration by messalyn painted in 2014. Important note : this is a reproduction print, not the original!

The illustration is reproduced on a 30 x 40 cm paper (12 × 16 inches), at the same scale than the original. It features wide margins to allow for the artist signature and numerotation and give you the most options for the framing process. You could even ditch the usual framing mat as these margins are quite efficient. The paper — Fuego Matt natural white in 285g — has a little texture to it, it was chosen for its likeness with creation papers used for painting, as some of my prints are actually made to be painted over.

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